Unquoted Shares also known as Unlisted Shares, these are shares in companies that are no longer quoted or traded on any stock exchange. Shares in these companies are traded through off-market transactions and volumes in such shares are very low. As unquoted securities are not traded on nor regulated by a recognised stock exchange, prices can be volatile.

Out of more than 10,000 companies in India that have raised capital and debt from the market, hardly about 50 % are traded on the stock exchanges presently. So when it comes to small companies the Indian Stock Markets are not quite liquid.

Here where we decided to step in to provide a unique exit route to those who are stuck with large quantities of securities that they cannot sell.

We are buying..

  • Assam Petrochemicals Ltd.
  • Bharti Telecom Ltd.
  • Capricon Realty Ltd.
  • Dewas Metal Sections Ltd.
  • Essar Steels Ltd.
  • Farm Enterprises Ltd.
  • Gujarat NRE Minerals Resources Ltd.
  • Hindusthan Vidyut Products Ltd.
  • Indian Wood Products Ltd.
  • Jardine Henderson Ltd.
  • KIOCL Ltd.
  • Lotte India Corporation Ltd.
  • Mideast Integrated Steels Ltd.
  • New India Investment Corporation Ltd.
  • Otis Elevator Ltd.
  • Philips Electronic India Ltd.
  • Quality Synthetic Industries Ltd.
  • Rama Raju Surgical Cotton Mill Ltd.
  • Syngenta India Ltd.
  • Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd.
  • Utkal Soap Products Ltd.
  • Victor Gaskets India Ltd.
  • Wipro Enterprises Ltd.
  • Xerox India Ltd.
  • Yamuna Syndicate Ltd.
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